3 Solutions To The Ultimate Event Problem!

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Anyone who’s planned a corporate event, convention, or a party, has faced this question and if you’re reading this, you’re facing it right now.

You have the Food
You have the Room
You have the Drinks
and the Guests…

…BUT the ULTIMATE EVENT PROBLEM is how to make sure those elements combine to create something more extraordinary than you ever thought it could be.

How can you make sure that everyone who attends your event remembers it “like it was yesterday” for the rest of their lives?

Here are three tips to help you do just that!


1. Create Buzz Around Your Event

In order to create a memorable experience for your guests, obviously everything needs to be top-notch; and not just the day of the event, but before and after. The best venue, speakers, food, music doesn’t mean much. If you want people lining up at the door to get in, then you need to promote.

Once the place, date, food, cocktails and other things are taken care of, then you have to focus on creating buzz around your upcoming event on social media. According to Wayin, a social media intelligence and visualization company, about 88% of marketers use social media channels to increase awareness about their events before they occur.

The most successful efforts are actually blog posts about your event. According to HubSpot, blogging increases the chance of being seen by up to 13 times. Creating Twitter discussions and making a Facebook event also increases excitement.

This will not only help you create engagement among your attendees but also grab the attention of other people who are interested.

2. Set the Mood with Lighting, Colors and Music

Awesome lighting also makes sure your guests take amazing photos. You want your guests to share photos of your event with friends and social media, so make sure it looks perfect. Help them get the best photos and visual proof of how stunning your event really is.

Colors are actually nonverbal communication and the colors set the mood as much as the lighting.

• Organizing a party; red is associated with power, warmth, energy and excitement.

• For a seminar, conference or a business meeting; blue is promotes intelligence, trust, efficiency, logic, communication.

• In case of exhibitions or art events; yellow stands for emotional strength, friendliness and creativity.

• If it’s an eco-friendly event; green is linked with harmony, rest, peace and environmental awareness.

Music completely depends on the type of event. Make sure it suits the theme and purpose. Keep in mind your guests, the mood, and what will be happening at the event.

3. The Icing On The Cake – Entertainment

“The best way to make your event stand out from every other one, is entertainment. “

In order to thoroughly amaze and make sure the guests have the time of their lives, top off your event with amazing entertainment. Music is the obvious choice, but if you really want your guests to mingle and get to know each other, it’s time to think outside the box.

Look into a magician, hosted karaoke, or a photo booth expert. These types of entertainment bring groups of people together to interact in a way that creates an instant bond and comradery. It also creates long lasting memories that are tied in directly with the event.

These entertainers are pros at bringing people together while keeping the energy, excitement, and happiness up throughout the day.

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